Prevention of body odor effective antibacterial

It’s gentle and delicate natural cleansing ingredients, provides in-depth cleaning for fur and hair follicles of your pets, while effectively removes harmful bacteria and parasites. It removes dirt and odor on your pet so that you feel safe to keep your pet close to you at all times.

Pet cleaning series

This Sonatural for Pets, gentle bathing shampoo contains no artificial aroma and would not cause any irritation to your beloved pets. This product is the results of extensive research and development, using above 95% of natural, organic ingredients which was approved by the European Union ECO-CERT certification standards. Regular usage of this natural product would provide extensive cleansing and reduce discomfort of your pets whilst, resulting in supple, shiny soft hair for your pets.





Care for your Pets

​Pet's protector

SGS certification

Organic raw materials

No hurt the environment

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SoNatural product range, had all attained the extremely stringent organic and natural certification standards from Taiwan and European Union countries. Therefore, SoNatural products always maintain its high quality standards which are extremely safe for you, your family and your friends. SoNatural products are currently distributed in Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Canada.

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