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No hurt the environment

Organic raw materials

SGS certification

Clean!! solve all stubborn dirt!

Non-toxic cleaners, Multi-purpose cleaning detergent, A bottle to get all annoying stubborn dirt!

Applicable to a variety of surface materials

All-purpose cleaning detergent series

A bottle to get all annoying stubborn dirt

Sonatural multi-purpose cleaning detergent is our top selling product, which is extremely environmentally friendly. You can effectively remove stubborn dirt and clean up the entire house to ensure that your whole family live in a clean and healthy environment.

​- All purpose cleaning detergent series -

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SoNatural product range, had all attained the extremely stringent organic and natural certification standards from Taiwan and European Union countries. Therefore, SoNatural products always maintain its high quality standards which are extremely safe for you, your family and your friends. SoNatural products are currently distributed in Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Canada.

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