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Take care of you when you in pregnancy


It’s critical for women to watch their diet during pregnancy, especially when most mother’s- to-be would normally craved for various foods they don’t usually eat. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that they consume healthy food, free of chemicals or artificial seasonings as their diet would affect the well-being of their baby in the womb.


With this in mind, SoNatural parental product series was created to ensure that all mother’s-to-be uses products that are made only from natural ingredients, because whatever products they used on their skin would also affect the well being of their child. Products with high contents of chemicals could easily be absorbed through the skin of pregnant women through scalp, navel, armpits and other parts of their body. These chemicals would then be absorbed by the growing child in the womb, which explained the reason behind why so many babies were born with severe sensitive skin problems or hyperactivity disorders 

Sonatural parental product series is therefore, your ideal choice as they are all certified by ecocert of European Union, containing above 95% of organic ingredients. all Sonatural products are made with natural ingredients, containing a wide variety of amino acids, natural minerals, polysaccharides and natural organic vegetable oils which are very gentle to the skin.


Gently Potect You


No hurt the environment

Organic raw materials

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SGS certification


Organic Green Tea Extract

Organic Green Tea Extract contains large amount of nutrients which function as powerful anti-oxidants which protects your body against free radical damage, promotes metabolism and resulting in firmness for your skin.


Luxuriously rich moisturizer

Luxuriously rich moisturizer containing Vitamin A, D, E & F which provides nutrients to your skin cells, while moisturizing and protecting your skin.

Deep Sea Red-Algae Extract

Deep Sea Red-Algae Extract promotes growth, maintaining your skin’s moisture and form a protective layer on your skin against environmental pollution.


Ginkgo biloba extract

Organic ginkgo extract activated cells, antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-free radicals, strengthen the skin defense 

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