Gold Seaweed Extracts

It contains biological DNA protection and repair properties. Helps to replenish moisture and protect skin against UV damage.

Organic Aloe Extract

Organic Aloe Extract contains wide variety of amino acids and minerals which are effective in moisturizing the scalp and fragile baby hair.

Grapefruit Essential Oil

Grapefruit Essential Oil helps to stabilize emotions, reduce swelling, moisturizing dry skin and reduces skin irritation. SoNatural products uses only natural organic ingredients, certified by European Union ECO-CERT standards.

​Perfect Baby Series

Perfect care of your baby

New born babies are usually very stressful as they need to adapt to their new environment and therefore the most calming moment for the baby would be during their bathing time. A good bath would be very soothing for the babies. SO NATURAL baby shampoo and shower gel, are made from natural organic ingredients which are extremely gentle for the baby sensitive skin.

- Feature -

No hurt the environment

Organic raw materials

SGS certification

Calendula Flower Extract

Calendula Flower Extract provides natural calming effect, reduces irritation and protects sensitive fragile skin.

Rich in saturated fatty acids, Vitamin D and E, with deep moisturizing effect, suitable for all infants and sensitive skin types. Extremely effective in soothing itchiness, reduce skin inflammation and leave skin soft and supple all day.

Organic Sweet Almond Oil

Gently care

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SoNatural product range, had all attained the extremely stringent organic and natural certification standards from Taiwan and European Union countries. Therefore, SoNatural products always maintain its high quality standards which are extremely safe for you, your family and your friends. SoNatural products are currently distributed in Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Canada.

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